Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cold-formed Steel Building Modelling and Design

16 Top Reasons to use SANSPRO V.4.92

1. Fast Model Generator
2. Interactive Building Modeler
3. Fast Dynamic Analysis
4. Nonlinear Material and Geometry
5. Steel and Concrete Design
6. Foundation Design (Footing, Pile, Bored pile)
7. Concrete Shearwall design
8. Flat slab and Flat plate
9. Raft Design with distributed spring
10. Volume and Cost Calculation
11. Detail Drawing Generator
12. Comprehensive Steel Database
13. Cold-formed Steel Design
14. HCS and Metal Deck Design
15. Soldier Pile and Slope Stability
16. Standard Soil Database

SANSPRO V.4.92 has been released !

SANSPRO V.4.92 has been released in April 2009.

New features added are:

1. Better Control for Beams and Columns Stirrups Design
- Seismic Requirements
- User specified Minimum stirrups spacing
- Code specified Minimum stirrups spacing
- Practical limit = 150mm
- For standard design and capacity design
- Change Stirrups Design Option for Capacity Design
2. Improved Steel Pipe Design Formula and more pipe properties
3. Bug fixed for DKT Element stress calculation and contour display
Bug fixed for QUAD4 DKQ/DKT element with distributed spring stiffness
4. Estimated pile capacity can have 30% load increased for temporary load
5. Magnifiying Glass
6. Calculator with mathematical expression
7. TechInfo.Txt
Now containing useful information for analysis and design of
foundation, steel and concrete structures.

V.4.91 New Features:

1. Metal Deck Design
2. Concrete Slab Punch Shear Checking
3. Cold-formed Steel Building Model Generator
4. Soldier Pile / Sheet Pile Model Generator
Simple Slope Stability Analysis to justify the use of Soldier Pile
5. Standard Soil Properties Database
6. Generate all detail drawings with one button click
Simplified beam detail
7. Rebar weight report per diameter
8. Factory Building Model Generator (Multiple bays, multiple mezzanine
office bays, automatic roof, rain, and wind load generator)
9. Several support reactions can be display as one with pilecap group
(Good for core lift and raft foundation)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Welcome to SANSPRO !

Welcome to SANSPRO !

This is our official blog for SANSPRO and other ESRC products. Our other websites are nathanmadutujuh.googlepages.com and www.esrcentre.com,
but here we can interactively discuss about various topics on computer aided engineering/design.

We also provide free to download useful technical data/brochures, design data, formula, and engineering design procedures.

Best regards,

Nathan Madutujuh